Global Goals & One Planet

We are dedicated to §17 UN Global Goals – of accelerating partnership between People and the Natural World.

With a dynamic network of “peer-to-peer” learning, we partnership with strategic brands in the global consumer industries of fashion- and sport, and its broader impact in our everyday lives.

With a love for the green heartbeat, and the joint effort of humanity we are grateful to the leaders of the world,

and their commitment to the  PARIS AGREEMENT.  This is our well for inspiration, and in trust that humanity can work together in a multifaceted way.

“Art can leverage the Spirit of our hearts and the historical art sculpture at Eiffel Tower in 2015 gave us all hope for the future.  It was the beginning! A nation,  like France, will  combine all its capacity of political, scientific, philosophy and creative lifestyles with strategic business innovations.  The Paris Agreement will be a symbolic beginning for the Planet, and the story of steal construction of the Eiffel Tower colored in green and blue will be a story to tell our children . It was the point in our collective story when a new revolution kick-started itself in Oneness with our shared challenge.

~ Inger-Mette Stenseth~ founder of 360hub Global


Our story of Peer-to-Peer is inspired by this.  This is the starting point of  a blue-green revolution launched by COP21 in Paris

– it is a love-story of ONE PLANET and the impact of the way we fashion our lives!