Circular Economy – one street @ a time!

In order to meet one of the challenges in our time,  like our addiction to shopping, our approach is one street at a time.  All of us understand that a street in China is radical different than a remote street of northern Norway.  The impact is radical different if we, common people, manage to bend a wast-and-through-away shopping culture into a circular economy. Our lifestyle defines the path of humanity, not matter where we live – we all in it together.

To enter a road less traveled, we enter a new trajectory and path .  It is a one-way, and it is part of human evolution.   It is also so radical that  we all know it. One rive and one  beach at a  time.  WE ALL KNOW THIS!  It is old news. Plastic and pesticides are polluting our oceans, our food and our lives. It does not matter if we live in China or in Chile. We will champion this together!SOLUTIONS THIS WAY!ONE BEACH @TIME!

We know that if we work in the slow mood of chill and coolness, we will live well – and in our own bubble of happiness.   Seduced by a lifestyle of no worries and a spirit of smiles of apathy , and in a feeling that we cannot do anything.

It is understandable, it is also  part of human survival skills.

The pollution and our plastic challenges will not melt away and be alright, nor will the accelerating melting of ice be.  Still, we have to keep high the profound African spirit of  Rastafari and Ubuntu. We are all in this together. I am me because you see me.  The beauty of a sunset and joy of nature connect us all in  ONENESS @TIME. CALM BEAUTY AND  ONE CHALLENGE @ TIME!

If we look down on the Blue Planet from space, we see that humans are champions in making deserts.  We are cutting down our forest faster than we are planting new.  With climate change defined as an accelerated  hotter planet, with heavy rain,  hurricanes, fires, floods, snowstorm and humans fighting themselves and all that sustain life, we ask the question  “- Why?”

In our collective wisdom we know that we all know better.  The Spinx is part of our past and hold the space of eternity. Still we are numb!

In the history of humanity we know the story of the Wise Monkey, as well as the boiling frog syndrome and the Ostrich hiding in the sand. In our babble  and wish-washing about the Green Shift and Sustainability ,   the reality is that we  are not addressing our best. On our way!

It is no longer an excuse defined in  Babels Tower of the past. We understand beyond confusion of language-differences the crux of our problems.  We  – as people – must change and adapt. We write this strange story on time,  having in mind that we re-act on the challenges.  A challenge that we share with all people on the Planet..