Non-violent silk//AHIMSA//

Non-violent silk or Ahimsa silk are silk fabrics and yarns that are produced without killing silkworms. AHIMSA is a Sanskrit term for the principal of non-violence, which reflects the attitude of mankind towards animals and nature in many eastern religions.

360hub Global is in a partnership with sustainable fashion label Cocccon, producing beautiful products to use and to love.

Project Cocccon is made with a lot of love and care. Entire process respects strict social and ecological standards.

Sericulture is done under natural environment. Trees where caterpillar grow or live are not treated with any kind of insecticide, fungicide and genetic spray. To safeguard them from other insects, birds or Animals, entire tree is covered by a large cotton-net, quite similar to a mosquito net.

Once caterpillars develop into cocoons, they are kept in a safer place till pupae comes out of cocoon in the form of a beautiful Butterfly.

This process makes production slower than normal sericulture but this is very important for our philosophy of Non-violent silk production.

Once Butterflies leave their cocoons, degumming is done naturally without using any toxic chemical. Common process of ´´Silk- weighting´´ to make silk yarns 3-4 times heavier by using toxic salts of metal including Chromium, Barium, Lead, Iron or sodium magnesium is not practiced and completely banned in our production.

Sometimes Hydrogen Peroxide is used to make different shades of silk yarn uniform.

Yarns are developed manually or by solar spinning machine. Weavers and printers are working under clean & hygienic condition. Working hours and salary are as per ILO norms.

Creativity can care complets 4 years of business. This unique business model has created hundreds of jobs in the rural parts of Jharkhand, India. Expected benefits can be seen in the improved living standard members.

Weavers have a decent life style and their kids are going to schools.

Women in the group with their new professional skill are socially & economically self-dependent.

This Indo-German venture is based on corporate social responsibility platform, where sustainable utilization of manpower, ecology and natural resources has been carried out.

Team of Designers make collections as per SLOW FASHION which are evergreen and trendy forever on a Blue Planet.