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We targeting of being the  world fastest accelerator for a Circular Economy (CE) with a cooperative ownership.

As a Social Enterprise we are organized as a Commercial Cooperative, where we allow common people to be owner together with strategic investors.

We are driven by the trend-wave of innovating the future of Circular Economy in a Value-based & Conscious Consumer Culture, and join partnership with enterprises, both privat, public and NGOs,   striving toward the same goals.

Founded and initiated by Inger-Mette Stenseth, August 2001, in partnership with Göran Gennvi  ( Sweden) and Magdy Hefny, (Egypt).

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and cooperative ownership to launched in 2018.

The Norwegian  Bedrock Invest  Ltd.     is a partner since  2017, and is active part in establishing of the organizational structure.    Deep Ecology, as a Norwegian philosophy and nature as a living classroom, founded in the commercial concept of  Lifestyle of ECOTIQUE – for lovers of nature and a greener lifestyle .

Norwegian Bedrock Group Ltd.