If your wise heart wants you to be part of a cooperative with the mission of being the world fastest accelerator in the Circular Economy – with passion, we welcome you!

If you have a compassionate heart with all life on Earth – with joy, we welcome you to contribute and define the new rules of the game.

Our goals are many, our approach is a one way direction:


– and we accelerate  the speed to leverage our communities from waste creating economies to Circular Economy (CE)

We live on ONE PLANET, we have ONE LIFE – and we are ALL in it together!

We have been inspired by the proposed solution by Dalai Lama: “- the world will be saved by the western women, addressing the empowering of women world wide as well as human dignity. However, he forgot to add:”- if she starts shopping with her heart!”  This is the new story of compassion, and the wise heart of empathy in our shared challenges on the Planet. 

The craziness of our shopping and our lifestyles, have accelerated us all to the edge.

Can we turn?

The Blue Planet with Blue Rivers are in chock.  Our habitat is over-pulluted, and is a danger to all life from the Whales in the Oceans, to Birds on North-pole, to islands sinking.   The air quality gone! Water dirty!  The weather like a hyperactive popcorn machine.

We turn towards a partnership, where we bring our thinking to a different level than the mindset that created them.

Shop to you drop, is OUT!

Take care of what you love, is IN!

LOVE THY NATURE – this film tells it all!

It is our goal to inspire millions of children and youth, and to support them in  their hopes and actions. We build trust in a shared future of living well,  on One Planet,  by investing in education through sport and a joyful civic culture.

We will support millions of children and youth to empower their own life  in a  force of  good in themselves,  for their  local community and in the Oneness of being a global citizen on a Planet with limited resources.

By 2020 our goal is to directly and indirectly  reach 60 million of people tripled by the force of Xn

The X-factor – as an exponential force and  passion of doing  good  for a better world.

If you like to be part of a dynamic network of people and enterprises

– please, get in touch and be part of a network of network, and a Peer-to-Peer community in multiple  Circles of Life-Long-Learning.

The co-weaving of our Evolutionary  Story, is the destiny of our time and the new and colorful fabric of our collective journey.

Human-nature partnership-goal #17.

Global Goals & One Planet

We are dedicated to §17 UN Global Goals – of accelerating partnership between People and the Natural World.

With a dynamic network of “peer-to-peer” learning, we partnership with strategic brands in the global consumer industries of fashion- and sport, and its broader impact in our everyday lives.

With a love for the green heartbeat, and the joint effort of humanity we are grateful to the leaders of the world,

and their commitment to the  PARIS AGREEMENT.  This is our well for inspiration, and in trust that humanity can work together in a multifaceted way.

“Art can leverage the Spirit of our hearts and the historical art sculpture at Eiffel Tower in 2015 gave us all hope for the future.  It was the beginning! A nation,  like France, will  combine all its capacity of political, scientific, philosophy and creative lifestyles with strategic business innovations.  The Paris Agreement will be a symbolic beginning for the Planet, and the story of steal construction of the Eiffel Tower colored in green and blue will be a story to tell our children . It was the point in our collective story when a new revolution kick-started itself in Oneness with our shared challenge.

~ Inger-Mette Stenseth~ founder of 360hub Global


Our story of Peer-to-Peer is inspired by this.  This is the starting point of  a blue-green revolution launched by COP21 in Paris

– it is a love-story of ONE PLANET and the impact of the way we fashion our lives!


About // ART, BUSINESS + P2P //

We targeting of being the  world fastest accelerator for a Circular Economy (CE) with a cooperative ownership.

As a Social Enterprise we are organized as a Commercial Cooperative, where we allow common people to be owner together with strategic investors.

We are driven by the trend-wave of innovating the future of Circular Economy in a Value-based & Conscious Consumer Culture, and join partnership with enterprises, both privat, public and NGOs,   striving toward the same goals.

Founded and initiated by Inger-Mette Stenseth, August 2001, in partnership with Göran Gennvi  ( Sweden) and Magdy Hefny, (Egypt).

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and cooperative ownership to launched in 2018.

The Norwegian  Bedrock Invest  Ltd.     is a partner since  2017, and is active part in establishing of the organizational structure.    Deep Ecology, as a Norwegian philosophy and nature as a living classroom, founded in the commercial concept of  Lifestyle of ECOTIQUE – for lovers of nature and a greener lifestyle .

Norwegian Bedrock Group Ltd.







Her Story & Project 4pir2

Mathematical formula for the Sphere of the Globe is 4pir2 and this is the name of this project:   #4pir2

We nickname it the Blue Ball. #blueball

The Blue Ball  – or the Blue Planet  – is the story of Gaia and  has it roots in the Greek Mythology,  and bring us back 1000 of years. Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth Goddess.  This is the reason why we refer to “HER STORY” – as we enter our global era of rewriting our shared, human story line.

We are not proclaiming to capture eternity in the Greek understanding from Alpha to Omega, nor to be the best educational project in the universe – our goal is to be a beta and to accept that IT never will be finished.

At the time when Eratosthenes was the chief librarian at the ancient Library of Alexandria. He was recognized as the father of geography and was nicknamed ‘beta’ for his different skills in many directions. This is what we need right now – art synthesizing with science, and business with education, so we together can create accelerate learning in the fastest possible way. The history of mathematics is unique, and this is a Project where we bring the science of the past into the reality of the future.  To meet a reality of new insight and eternal wisdom, with the reality of common sense, we invited into  a Peer-to-Peer learning yourney.  The main teacher in this project is a ball – like a football – like a handball – or a volleyball.  It is platform for co-creation of new stories, in the sparkle of an era  of ONE PLANET and 17 noble,  sustainable development goals.

Welcome to be part of the evolution of storytelling!


4pir2  – A DIGITAL, INTERACTIVE SCULPTURE  presenting and collecting live data, presented and placed in  public spaces,  libraries and museum, in partnership with different stakeholder in a global Circular Economy.

We are all learners in our effort to innovate our private lifestyles and to make a real partnership with all life on Earth.